How to get car insurance online Renewal


By Ritik Bhagat

Is Your Car Insurance Plan Nearing End? If yes, get it renewed in time. Driving a vehicle without vehicle insurance can get you financially and physically in trouble. As such, the government has increased the strictness of vehicle insurance as well as complying with vehicle regulations. So let’s know how to renewal of car insurance?

Collect information before renewing car insurance

  • Driving license: to enter your name, address, etc.
  • Train Registration Paper (RC): For Train Number, Registration Number
  • Copy of existing policy: To fill the details of old policy
  • Bank account passbook: for entering account number and payment etc.

Before starting the car insurance renwal, you should collect some details and also collect the necessary documents related to them. This will help you settle the renewal process faster. The list of these documents is as follows-

Process for online purchase of car insurance

You can complete the process of renewal of car insurance policy by adopting some easy steps-

Research About Car Insurance Policy

If you wish, you can get Renewal by visiting the website of your old insurance company without comparing directly. But, if you want to change the insurance policy, or also want to know about the policies of other companies, then it would be better to do a comparison between them first.

Nowadays this task has become very easy. There are many insurance aggregator companies, which give information about insurance products of different insurance companies and also offer comparisons. Such as Policy Bazaar, Cover Fox, Acco, Policyx, Bankbazaar Insurance, etc.

With this comparison, the company’s previous record, its brand value, reliability and level of service should also be taken into consideration. After seeing all these things, the company which is offering better insurance cover at a lower premium, can choose its plan.

Go to company’s website and start process

After selecting an insurance company, go to the website of that company.

  • Some companies have the option of renewal on the homepage of their website. You can proceed with the renewal by putting your vehicle registration number, your mobile bill number and email id on it.
  • The homepage of some companies’ website has a link to know their insurance plan price. On this, you can proceed with the renewal process by putting your vehicle’s registration number, your mobile number, email id, etc.
  • If you already have insurance from the same company, then there is also an option to renew the old policy number and renew it. You do not have to enter a lot of details in this.

select your insurance policy’s type

During the policy renewal, you also have to decide what kind of insurance plan you want to get. There are mainly two types of car insurance policy-

Under third party insurance, the insurance company pays damages for any other person or property from your vehicle. It is legally mandatory, that is, you have to take it.

You get the benefit of third party insurance by having compressive insurance. At the same time, if your car is damaged, destroyed or stolen, the insurance company pays you damages.

Select Add-ons or riders

If you have opted for Comprehensive car insurance policy, then some additional and supportive insurance protections can also be added to it. These are called addon covers or riders. Such as personal accident insurance, zero depreciation cover, etc. Some of the more common add-ons are as follows-

  • Zero Depreciation: For not reducing the cost of a vehicle at the time of claim for insurance
  • Roadside Assistance: To provide on-the-spot help from the insurance company in case of an accident.
  • Return to Invoice: To get the full price if the car is stolen, or completely destroyed
  • Engine Protection: To repair or replace the engine in case of damage
  • NCB Protect: Despite Claims No Claim Bonus To Continue Advantage
  • Loss of Personal Belongings: For compensation for theft of valuables, laptops, smartphones, etc.

Enter your personal and car Details

After selecting the type of insurance policy and the company, a new policy form will open in front of you. In this, the details sought will have to be filled up about the details sought about themselves and the vehicle, such as-

  • Your name, and address
  • Phone number, email address
  • Car make and model number
  • Car registration number
  • Old policy number
  • Bank Account Number and Payment Options

Payment of premium and buy policy

After deciding the type and add-ons of the insurance policy, you will get the option to pay their premium. You can make payment by net banking, debit card, credit card, UPI, prepaid card, etc.

As soon as the payment of the premium is complete, an email will come to you from the company. In this, your renewed policy receipt will come. It is usually in PDF format.

Get a few copies of the receipt for the renewal policy sent to you. Keep a copy in the house and keep a copy in your car. Keep in mind online car insurance policy is completely valid and can be used as a legal document.

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