How to claim insurance if the car is an accident


By Ritik Bhagat

You have taken an expensive car, got it insured. But, do you know how you can take advantage of this insurance if needed? No? In this article, we will tell you how to Claim for Car Insurance in case of an accident in your car. What to take care of and what to avoid during Insurance Claim? Also, what documents have to be submitted with Car Insurance Claim?

The process of claiming for Car Insurance starts with the accident. Know the steps you have to take from beginning to end-

Step1: Collect photos, witnesses and other evidence of the incident

  • In case of accident, first of all you have to gather proof of it. Photographs should be taken of the damage to the car. Photographs should also be taken at the scene of the incident. If you can do video recording then take it.
  • Detail of the vehicle that hit your car and its driver was taken. Note the name, address, mobile number, etc. of the driver along with the vehicle number.
  • If you get some direct witnesses of the Accident then it is better. Note their names and addresses too. They may be needed to confirm the true causes of the incident.
  • If you are hurt in accident, record it as well. If the injury is more, then find the hospital nearby and get treatment. Ask the doctor about the type of injury and note it.

Step 2: Inform the police and file an FIR

If a policeman is present around the scene, then report it. Take his case number as well. Keep in mind, whether it is a case of Third Party Insurance or a case of own damage (damage to one’s own car), the incident should be reported to the police. This report will also have to be made in making a car insurance claim.

The FIR should be avoided in a minor accident, in which there is a slight breakdown in your car. It is important to file an FIR if someone is physically hurt or dies. Even if your car was stolen, get it registered immediately. Take a copy of FIR and keep it safe.

Step 3. Inform the insurance company about the accident

In case of an accident, your insurance company should be informed about it as soon as possible. Even before taking your vehicle to Garage or Service Center, you should inform the Insurance Company. You can call the toll-free number of the insurance company to provide information.

You should be informed with the insurance company within 7 days of the accident. However, some companies also keep rules for less than this. Many companies have rules for reporting and claiming the incident within 24 to 48 hours.

Step 4. Get the car damage assessed

As soon as you inform the insurance company about it, a time of inspection is set on their behalf. At that time a representative of the insurance company (Representative / Surveyor) will come and assess the damage done to your car (Estimation).

You will also be informed of the nearest garage or service center included in the company’s contract. Will arrange for your car to be towed or towed. No need to tow your own car. Repairing should be started only after your Claim is approved.

Get your car inspected in the garage and get an estimate of the damage. The insurance company also has to give an estimate of the car repair. Due to the accident, note down whatever you have to spend.

Step 5: Send the claim with the documents to the insurance company

Now it’s time to send the claim to the insurance company for your loss. With the documents mentioned below, you can make your claim-

  • Copy of the report (FIR) filed with the police
  • Copy of your insurance policy
  • Medical receipt if there is physical harm
  • Gestation Certificate (RC) of your car
  • Driving license of the driver at the time of the incident
  • Properly filled car insurance claim form
  • Estimate or receipt of expenditure in car repairing

Step 6. Settlement of your claim on behalf of the insurance company

The insurance company will take 10 to 15 days to complete the Claim process. It will take time according to the severity of your case and the amount of the claim. Depending on the nature and scope of the event, the insurance company may give you the option of paying cashless claim or reimbursement type.

How does cashless mode work?

If the company approves the cashless mode, then you get your vehicle repaired by moving it to a garage or service center, contracted with the insurance company. The insurance company will pay it later. The surveyor who will be there will assess your loss and give a rough account.

How does reimbursement mode work?

If the company approves the reimbursement mode, then the surveyor sent by the insurance company will inspect your vehicle and send Estimate to the insurance company. After this, your car will be repaired, which you will have to pay from your pocket. After repairing, you will have to claim it with the receipt and other necessary documents. The insurance company will pay for it.

Avoid these things in case of insurance claim-

You can accidentally make some mistakes in an auto insurance claim. This can weaken your claim. Some important things to keep in mind-

Do not try to drive from the scene

Neither run from the accident spot yourself nor take your vehicle anywhere else. If there is more damage to the vehicle, then remove it from there. This may weaken your Insurance Claim. It can even be rejected.

Do not repair the vehicle yourself

You should not even start repairing the damaged vehicle yourself. Get the repair work done at the garage or service center only if the approval is received from the insurance company.

Do not hide facts, do not present false facts

Sometimes people do not present the exact details of the accident or some facts are hidden. Sometimes, they also tell too much in terms of more profit. In fact, it can harm you. If the facts are found to be false, your claim may be rejected if you give unclear information.

Do not sign in hurry on final settlement

With regard to your vehicle and your loss, consider properly the assessment made by the insurance company. If something is wrong, then get it corrected. If needed, seek help from a knowledgeable person or a lawyer. Understand what applies specifically to your case.

See policy terms and conditions

Before making an insurance claim, you should also check the terms and conditions of your policy. When purchasing an insurance plan, the company sends you its details. What can be included in your claim and what can not be included, all these information is kept in it. Apart from this, you must get your car insurance renewal done.

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