How to choose a health insurance plan


By Ritik Bhagat

Health insurance, you get support in case of any accident, serious illness or health problem. Getting treatment quickly and easily on one side and outright expenses on the other side. However, these facilities may vary according to your health insurance plan. In such a situation, you need to be wise in choosing the right health insurance plan for you. Here we are giving information about some such things, which you should take care while taking health insurance.

In the market, many insurance companies are present with their respective plans. There are certain features and some imperfections. However, no one policy can be equally good for every person. The selection of the best insurance policy depends on your needs and objectives. In this article, we are telling you 10 such parameters based on which you should choose a health insurance plan.

What do you and your family need?

First of all, you have to understand your insurance needs according to yourself and your family members. According to the possibility of spending on treatment and also according to diseases-

  • How many members are there in your family? How many children are there, how many are elderly. Including all members, how much Healt insurance cover will suffice.
  • If someone in the family already has an illness, what is it like? How much money is required for the treatment of those diseases.

A better option to take a Family Floater Plan: If you are a family, then it would be better to have a Family Floater Plan for every individual member, rather than taking insurance. One benefit from this is that every member of the family will be able to avail insurance. Insurance premium will also be cheaper.

How much money will you get

How much money the insurance company will give you when you are undergoing treatment or being admitted. Before taking a health insurance plan, get a good idea of ​​it. Choose the plan in which you are getting more help.

In the event of a medical emergency, a large amount of money may be needed suddenly. Especially if you are living in a metro city or big city, then you may need more help. For example, nowadays even a simple heart attack surgery costs 4 to 5 lakhs.

The more coverage you take, the more you will have to pay the premium (insurance installment). Therefore, while taking insurance, you also have to keep in mind your current earnings and further potential earnings.

How many diseases are covered

Find out which diseases are included in the insurance company that is providing you the insurance plan. Especially serious diseases (cancer, TV, heart attack, paralysis, etc.) should be covered under that insurance plan. Because such diseases require more help and care.

If there is a history of a particular disease in your family, then check it in the coverage list.

For existing diseases

In the case of a financial insurance plan, there is a waiting period in your body in relation to the treatment of pre-existing diseases. That is, you can treat these diseases only after completion of such period of insurance. According to the different plans, it can be from 2 to 4 years. You should choose an insurance plan with a shorter waiting period.

Network of policy-linked hospitals

A large network of hospitals should be connected with your health insurance policy. Be sure to check out the list of good hospitals in your vicinity. See also which hospitals with specialties are associated with it.

In the event of an emergency, you will have to undergo treatment in one of these hospitals. Because, under health insurance, you can get cashless treatment in the same hospitals, which will be included in the network of that insurance company.

By the way, good health insurance plan has names of reputed hospitals in big cities. But, you must check the name of those whom you think are good. If you already have any disease, then check out the specialty hospital.

Health insurance plan duration

Also know how long is your health insurance plan. Especially, see the period of renewal. Health insurance plans of life insurance companies are renewed every three years. But these can also be less. You can choose the plan which you feel comfortable in renewing.

It would be better to choose a policy which has to be renewed during the age of 75 to 80 years. Because, there is a high risk of serious health problems in old age. Having a long Renewal period, till then you can avail your insurance policy anytime.

Note: While renewing the insurance, check its insurance policy again. Because, medical policies of health insurance companies change every year.

Add-ons you mean

Add Ons are combined separately with the main insurance policy. These are some additional ancillary insurance covers. They are used to add more facilities in an insurance policy. Such as, Personal Accident Cover (personal accident related), Maternity Cover (delivery related), Hospital daily cash (for daily expenses during recruitment), etc. Insurance Plans of all major insurance companies have a lot of add ons.

You have to keep in mind that which add-ons may be needed more by you or your family. And, how much premium will increase for that. Because, on joining, your premium (insurance installment) also increases according to the facility it provides.

Settlement ratio for claims

Before purchasing an insurance plan, be sure to check the Claim settlement ratio of that insurance company. In insurance claims that come to the company, it is determined by what percentage is settled. Having a high Claim settlement ratio means that there will be good chances of a claim being cleared for treatment costs on your behalf. Provided that, there are reasonable and sufficient grounds behind the claim.

Keep the findings in mind as well

 In insurance, exclusions are things that your company already excludes from the scope of the insurance policy. You cannot claim insurance in cases with exclusions.

For example, in some insurance plans at the initial stage, Hernia, Cataract, Gastric, Sinusitis, Joint Replacement, etc. are excluded from the coverage of insurance benefits. Similarly, in some insurance plans, dental treatment, eye treatment, cosmetic surgery, sexual infection, etc. are kept in exclusions.

Compare premium

Nowadays many insurance aggregator companies are providing online comparison of insurance policies. You can see all the insurance plans available to them by filling the coverage you need here. You can also see the amount of premium (insurance installment to be paid on your behalf) for them. But in case of cheap premium, do not forget to take insurance plan of a weak company.

Must watch online review

Through the review, customers of that insurance plan express their experiences. These are also good means of checking the reliability of an insurance plan. However, these will be some positive and some negative as well. You can choose a plan that has more positive reviews than negative reviews.

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